BRAB Lapin Kulta

The municipal wastewater treatment plant in Haparanda, Sweden, has been retrofitted with an anaerobic pre-treatment process for brewery effluent. The brewery effluent comes from the nearby Lapin Kulta Brewery in Finland and passes through a rotating sieve for removal of bottle caps, crushed glass and paper, followed by an equalisation tank. The anaerobic process is a high rate expanded granular sludge bed consisting of a neutralization tank, an anaerobic reactor with a bottom distribution system, a three-phase separator and a sludge granule storage tank. pH adjustment can be achieved by dosing NaOH or HCl. Trace elements can be added to optimise the process. An overall COD reduction of 80 % has been guaranteed and achieved. After the pre-treatment, the brewery effluent is mixed with municipal sewage for joint treatment before it is discharged. The biogas from the anaerobic treatment is utilized for heating of the whole wastewater treatment plant. As the plant is situated in the very north of Sweden, it is built indoors.

Technical data

Flow [m3/d]

Max 2 800, Avg 2 000, Min 400

BOD7 [kg/d]

Max 5 000, Avg 4 000, Min 3 000

COD [kg/d]

Max 8 000, Avg 6 400, Min 4 800


Sketch of piping design mixed with industrial equipment photo