Purac launches new biogas technology for eco-city in China

Purac in Lund, which is included in the environmental engineering company Läckeby Water, has received an order for a “Swedish” Eco-city to be built in China. The order relates to a plant for a new cleaning process that will serve as a model for the design of the Eco-city. Wastewater and food waste is converted directly into biogas and fertilizers in the process.

The Chinese Eco-city is called Caofeidian and it will be built outside the city of Tangshan, 200 kilometer east of Beijing. The city is built for 600 000 inhabitants and is a model for sustainable urban construction in China. Sweden has a central role in design and construction since the government signed a memorandum of understanding with the authorities in Tangshan.

Purac’s demonstration plant consists of a small sewage treatment plant, which will purify the wastewater from 12 000 people in a more energy-and cost-effective manner.
The wastewater is separated into so-called black water and grey water.

Black water is made out of toilet water and food waste, which ground down to small particles in a built-in garbage disposer under the sink in the kitchen. This also reduces the amount of rubbish.
In the plant the black water are treated directly, while nutrients are converted into biogas. The biogas can then be purified and used for vehicle fuel.

The process results in more biogas and uses less electricity than a conventional treatment process. Residual products consists of a nutritional concentrate to be used in agriculture.
The grey water, the less polluted wastewater from showers and laundry, purifies water for irrigation of agricultural land and lawns. It can also be recycled to process water for the industry.

– This is a new application of technology which has been tested in a small scale in Hammarby in Stockholm. We shall now show that it is suitable for the construction of sewage treatment plants in Chinese Eco-cities, says Soren Gotthardsson, Director of Business Development at Purac.

The order value for Purac is SEK 22 million. The Swedish Tillväxtverket has contributed with SEK 3 million for the construction of the plant.

In the next phase a larger treatment plant will be built for 150 000 inhabitants in the Eco-city. The intention is to use the same technology.
– Ultimately, it may be large orders for us, says Soren Gotthardsson.

SEK 120-200 billion will be invested in Caofeidian. The consultancy firm Sweco has made a detailed plan over the first twelve square kilometers. It includes infrastructure, including mass transit systems as well as homes, shops, offices and schools.

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